Monday, 19 November 2012

Do u care?

You care that you really messed my life up, do you care that i've cried more over you then I have cried over a loved one, do you care that you used me just to feel that guiltiness in your cold soul, do care that i've been down ever since, that I no longer want to love anyone else, or allow anyone to love me, do you care that you took the happiness out of me and left me empty, do you care that you not only took my heart but put a hole in my life, how can I put back all the pieces to my life now that you have shatter it, do you even care??


sha my heart said...

bubu, r u okay?
If u r n0t, just c0ntact me k. Dont hesitate to looking 4 me, k. What 4 friend if can't lend their should?

BubushacRoar said...

xpyh risau beb..aku ok je..:) just abit worries.. tqs

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